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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Need Readers' Advice

Yesterday, a non-plurality of the voters chose a new President. Just like in 2000, the Electoral College is not going to the candidate with the most votes. As this new President has also shown himself to not share our democratic ideals, I find it difficult to have much respect for him. Indeed, I am considering not calling him by his name, ever. But perhaps I am just reacting out of the immediate shock.

Therefore, I am asking you to respond to the poll at the top of the page regarding what I should call him. The choices are: He Who Shall Note Be Named (assuming I get J.K. Rowling's permission); Reality Show Host; his actual name; and Other (please specify). I need a reality check here.

Thanks for taking the time to give your advice.


  1. Honor the office. Focus your trust in Jesus, the King of Kings. Life here is always in change, like it or not, but King Jesus has promised a just and honorable kingdom.

  2. Orange Hitler works for me; which would be funny if it wasn't so accurate. I've seen who he is starting to populate his cabinet with and the fact that his campaign has been working hand in hand with the Russians (Treason) shows that this is not a man who actually cares about these somewhat United States.

  3. Although, I'm not shocked. When GOP is mad they vote. When Dems are mad they stay home. I won't be referring to him by name, either. Maybe WH occupant.

  4. Just call him the President. No name needed, you respect the office, not the man.

  5. Robber Baron in Chief ? Not that there was a candidate for the sane except perhaps Sanders or Stein. Anon's quip 'working with the Russians' sounds a lot better than the push to air battles in Syria - against superior equipment ( except for the F-22....just one plane )