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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Romney/Bain Firm Got Subsidies (Then Closed a Plant)

The Tampa Bay Times reports (via Jed Lewison) that another Bain-owned company, Dade Behring, was a recipient of $7.1 million in subsidies from Puerto Rico and the federal government the year before it laid off 300 workers there. A common problem with many subsidized projects, it took the money and ran without any consequences.

As I have pointed out before, another Bain-owned company, Steel Dynamics, received at least $95 million in incentives from state and local governments in Indiana, for two separate investments. In fact, this exceeds the $85 million Bain made in profit from the firm.

Now we have a third example of Bain-owned companies getting government subsidies. For a candidate who claims to be about private enterprise, Romney clearly doesn't walk the walk. As Jed Lewison has noted before, it's clear that when Romney talks about crony capitalism, he's talking about himself.

How many other government subsidies are in Bain's past? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. Better focus: how many government subsidies are in Bain's present? Can we apply pressure now to prevent further grab-and-runs?