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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Poll Results on Electrolux in Memphis

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll: How likely is it that Electrolux will be in Memphis in 15 years? Here are the results.

0-25%:     11 votes, 65%
26-50%:     5 votes, 29%
51-75%:     1 vote, 6%
76-100%:   0 votes, 0%

Personally, I don't think the likelihood of Electrolux sticking around is very high. Obviously, Memphis is a great distribution hub -- think FedEx -- but this is first and foremost a manufacturing operation. Electrolux has shown it disavows any responsibility to stand by its workers, even in Sweden, even in the CEO's home town. Therefore, my vote would have been 0-25%, and I think the chances are pretty close to 0.

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